selectie artikelen @ "[...] Although Rednalreden society is advanced in its use of non-organic resources, their most popular means of transport is powered by mammal muscle power. The Steif, also known as 'Erezji Horse', appears by its build rather fragile. However, given the fact that it transports with ease Rednalreden and their belongings, it is rather strong.
The Steif is highly regarded in Rednalreden culture. Practically all Rednalreden, especially middle class households, keep one or more Steifs. Rednalreden territories are strewn with Steifs: small, large, old, young, crippled and fast ones. Most Steifs are ridden by one, sometimes two, Rednalreden. Though Steifs are in general not allowed to wander about in their houses, the Rednalreden is often practically and emotionally attached to his Steif. This is evidenced by the fact that he protects his Steif from escaping when left unobserved in public domains, or sometimes in sheds, by decorating it with protecting chains and amulets.
Already from an early age children of the Rednalreden tribe learn how to tame their Steif. They first practice riding small and friendly breeds. By the time Rednalreden reach adolescence most tribe members are comfortable riding Steifs of all sizes, breeds and ages.
By nature Erezji Horses are rather serene and quiet. Accidents only occur when the rider directs his Steif in the wrong direction. In these instances another Steif might make a noise, although this is not typical for its character. Steifs rarely make any noise, generally only when it is in stress or meets an acquainted Steif. A Steif sounds more like a chirping bird, than anything else one would expect from the stature and reputation it has among the Rednalreden tribe. [...]" (from: Westra, Iti 2009 "Social behaviour and attitudes among the Rednalreden". In: Anthropologics, Amsterdam: Tirreg University Press, pp.76-116) O